How to determine my dose?

One of the most common questions CBD oil users ask is: “how much CBD oil should I take?” While that’s a great question, it’s important to note that a CBD company cannot legally recommend a dosage, due to FDA regulations. With multiple products to consider; oil tinctures ranging from 300 mg to 5000 mg, and container sizes from 15ml to 60ml, as well as other variables, calculating your dose quickly can get confusing.

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There are many articles out there that recommend different dosage requirements for specific ailments or symptoms that you are trying to target. Project CBD has a great article, located here. We recommend researching these articles to facilitate an educated decision so that you take the correct amount without wasting your product (and money) or taking too little, to effectively target your symptoms.
You must know that the number on the front of the bottle doesn’t equate to the actual dose you’re getting per serving. In simple terms, the number on the front of the bottle is the total amount of Cannabidiol (CBD) in your bottle. The higher the number on the bottle, the more CBD will be present in each dose but this is also affected by the size of the bottle. Most CBD products will have a different total CBD content (1000/2500) per size bottle (15/30/60ml). Bigger bottle equals more CBD? NOT in most cases, it’s usually a marketing ploy.
Your dose will vary between Oils, Powder, Isolate and Full Spectrum (FS). Isolate powder is straightforward, need 30mg daily? Measure 30mg out. If using Isolate and FS you’ll likely need a smaller dose of FS than Isolate. In our 60 count bottle of Softgels, the total CBD is 1800mg, and each Softgel contains 30mg of CBD. Oil tinctures are tricky, so we’ll break it down for you.
Let’s say a hypothetical daily (pain management) dosage for a 150-240lbs person could be 18mg CBD for mild pain, 22.5mg for moderate pain, and 27mg for severe pain.
The serving size of our hypothetical CBD oil: 2500mg/30ml bottle = 1 Full dropper is approximately 1ml
The total CBD content (2500mg) divided by bottle size (30ml) = 88.33mg per 1ml (full dropper)
We can figure out how much CBD each drop contains by finding out how many drops are in a full dropper, let’s say 48.
Dropper content (83mg) divided by 48 drops (total drops in one full dropper) = (round up) 2mg per drop.
Now take the recommended dosage for severe pain (27mg) and divide it by 2mg to find out how many drops are needed,
27 divided by 2 = (round up) 14 drops.
It takes approximately 14 drops to administer 27mg of CBD. Add a couple drops for good measure if desired.
There are many factors to consider when trying to determine your personal dose such as weight, symptom severity and metabolism. Once you have started a dose, you can always adjust it based on your experiences. Some who start on a low dose may find they need more, while those on higher dosages may find they feel better on lower dosages. With every order of UnCanna CBD products, we include a dosage chart to help you keep track of how much you’re taking until you find your “sweet spot”.


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