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Many people start with 30mg and adjust their dosing from there as soon as they feel they need to, to achieve desired effects. CBD is a very individual supplement and regardless of weight or body type, 30mg may do the trick for one person and another may need 90mg or more. Only you can find your dose by trials. You will need to find your “sweet spot” for each product ie isolate powder and full spectrum tincture, this will vary based on the product purity if using multiple companies especially if they produce inconsistent product labs and will vary based on strength and size of the bottle. To find mg per drop in regards to tinctures, whether isolate or full spectrum, check out the math below.

Because our hemp derived CBD oil products are categorized as dietary supplements in the United States, we comply with the FDA’s DSHEA guidelines and cannot suggest dosing for conditions, as we cannot legally make treatment statements. To further comply with FDA regulations, UnCanna, LTD does not list a Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of our own, nor do we provide a Daily Value (%DV) for any of our products.

There are many articles out there that recommend different dosage requirements for specific ailments or symptoms that you are trying to target. We recommend researching these articles to facilitate an educated decision so that you take the correct amount without wasting your product or taking too little, to effectively target your symptoms.

Here is a quick breakdown of how to find measure your dose in regards to our oil tinctures and isolate powder.

It’s important to note that a CBD company cannot legally recommend a dosage for your condition, or state it treats anything, due to FDA regulations. We can recommend a serving size, but this is a very individual supplement so that is irrelevant for the most part. It only helps you in figuring out the math for your product.

You should know how to calculate the dosage for your specific condition to avoid taking more than needed (wasting your product & money) or taking too little for the conditions you have (ineffective).

Let’s say a hypothetical daily (Pain Management) Dosage for 150-240lbs Body Weight is Mild Pain-18mg Moderate Pain- 22.5mg and Severe Pain-27mg

Most CBD products will have a different total CBD content (1000/2500) per size bottle (15/30/60ml). Bigger bottle equals more CBD? NOT in most cases, it’s usually a marketing ploy. Your dose will vary between Oils, Powder, Isolate, and Full Spectrum (FS). Isolate powder is straightforward, need 30mg daily? Measure 30mg out. If using Isolate and FS, you’ll likely need a smaller dose of FS than Isolate. Oil Tinctures are more tricky, that’s what we break down below.

The serving size of our hypothetical CBD oil: 2500mg/30ml bottle-Full Dropper is approx. 1ml

The total CBD content (2500mg) divided by bottle size (30mg) =83.33mg per 1ml (Full Dropper)
If you are a 180-pound male with severe pain, your dosage, per the guidance above, would be 27 mg. We can figure out how much CBD each drop contains by finding out how many drops are in a full dropper. Let’s say 48.
Dropper content (83mg) divided by 48 drops (total drops in full dropper) = (round up) 2mg per drop.
Now take the recommended dosage for severe pain (27 mg) and divide it by 2mg to find out how many drops you need.
27 divided by 2 = (round up) 14 drops.
It takes approx. 14 drops to administer 27 mg of CBD. Add a couple drops for good measure if you want.

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