How is CBD Oil Made?

UnCanna LabThere are a variety of ways that CBD can be extracted from Industrial Hemp, however we will explain the way that our CBD is made in regards to what is widely accepted as the preferred method.

The supercritical CO2 extraction method is the safest, and most efficient method of CBD extraction, however, it is also the most expensive. CO2 extraction is being used for a variety of industries including:

Fruit and nut extracts
Fruit and nut aromas
Omega-3 oils
Oil extraction from algae (as an alternative energy source)
supercritical CO2 extraction method
Lab techs use state of the art equipment to create phase changes in carbon dioxide by utilizing temperature and pressure. The carbon dioxide is cooled and compressed to upwards of 10,000 psi – by comparison your car tire is pressurized to about 300 psi. When compressed to these extremes, CO2 becomes ‘supercritical’, which simply means that it converts to liquid when placed under extreme pressure.

In this supercritical state, the CO2 possesses the properties of a liquid and gas at the same time. The CO2 is then heated up and passed through the hemp in a closed loop extractor, without causing harm to any heat-sensitive nutrients like enzymes or vitamins.

The result of this process is a released and recycled CO2 that leaves a highly concentrated, totally pure extract that is more easily digested by the body. The CBD oil that comes through supercritical extraction is a full spectrum cannabinoid product that is transparent with a light amber color.

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