When you are in the presence of adversity, ask yourself, “What is one thing I can do that could make this situation better?” You do not need a perfect solution, you only need improvement. Keep asking yourself that question, until the problem is no longer an issue.


1- Never give up

2- Follow Rule 1

You and only you decide how successful you will be in life, after determining what success means. Your idea of success will change, just as you will change. Commit to focusing on what you want and pursue it relentlessly, doing so puts you in control.

Success starts with belief in yourself, you have to believe that you are fully capable and can accomplish anything. I was passed this advice and incorporate it in any given scenario:

1- DECIDE what you want to accomplish and DETERMINE what it takes to get there.

2- ACT on the physical and mental plans needed to accomplish your goals.

3- ADJUST your methods or ACHIEVE your goals, one of these two things happen because you never quit.

4- Never stop relentlessly pursuing solutions.

Success can be achieved by meeting a string of basic, incremental goals in the present that ultimately lead to excellence in the future.

You have to be honest with yourself. Do you dwell on problems or focus on solutions? You have to be solution focused to succeed, and never accept defeat when a plan does not pan out. You have to consistently fight to overcome challenges. If one method does not work, adjust, re-attack, and never quit.

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