What is CBD?

With the budding CBD industry (pun intended), there is mounting information and misinformation floating around out there. You may have questions and concerns, and you’re smart to do your research- especially with a product you’ll be putting in your body. Hopefully we can clear up some of the common misconceptions regarding cannabis, hemp and CBD. Get your nerd glasses on, we’re going back to biology class for minute.

So, what is CBD?

CBD is derived from hemp which is a plant within the cannabis family. CBD stands for cannabidiol which is 1 of 85 naturally occurring compounds found in the hemp plant. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid which means it is plant-based. As humans, we naturally produce cannabinoids called endocannabinoids, which influence the body’s nervous system. This is the beginning of “how CBD works,” which we’ll cover in more depth in some of our upcoming posts.

It’s important to note that CBD can be created synthetically, so be sure you’re aware of how the product you choose is manufactured and manipulated. At UnCanna we use all-natural, organic hemp grown and harvested on local Colorado farms. We also ensure lab testing is conducted for every batch, so you know what you’re getting in our product.

What’s the difference between Hemp & Marijuana? Will CBD get me high?

While marijuana has been known for recreational and medicinal purposes, hemp has thousands of known uses from supplements, to paper, and clothing among others. Think of hemp and marijuana like brothers, same family but different plants. These two species come from the Cannabis family, but are identified as separate genus: hemp is known as C. satvia genus, marijuana is C. indica genus, and some scientists classify a third genus, C. ruderalis genus. They are closely related plants with differing structure and chemical composition, which result in different effects on the human body.

The component of cannabis that creates a high is a chemical compound known as tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. While THC is present in cannabis plants, the amount found in hemp is drastically lower (.3%) than the amount present in marijuana (~10-30%). So, at .3% THC, CBD will not get you high. If you’re concerned the different types of CBD (isolate vs. full spectrum) or about how CBD might look in a drug screen check out our CBD Guide.

At the end of the day…

The goal of this post was to clear up some of the very basic misconceptions about what CBD is and what some of the other industry terms mean. This scratches the surface, there is so much more information to absorb on the topic like how CBD impacts the brain and nervous system, all of the health benefits associated with CBD use, and many others. We hope you continue reading and using our site as a top source of information.

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