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Welcome to the UnCanna Blog

Our goal here is to help Veterans experience a better quality of life, focusing on a full spectrum approach to health and wellness. We have contributing writers with various backgrounds ranging from Veterans who have spent some time downrange to subject matter experts with big degrees and countless experience within the hemp industry. We will cover topics such as: natural supplements and affiliated research, mental health, athletic performance and recovery, diet and nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, and other positive modalities that will lead to a better quality of life.


Our team has experienced the physical, mental, and emotional effects of Veteran specific lifestyles, after fulfilling careers in Special Operations and Conventional military communities. We push a mind, body, and spirit approach to health and wellness. Positive environments and solid networks are key factors to living your best life, but it takes a village. There is no cure all to the symptoms our community faces, but we hope to engage you with content that can drive positive change in your life and potentially equip you with pieces to the puzzle that have worked for us.


We relentlessly pursued excellence throughout our careers and will continue doing so in pursuit of helping other Veterans.


Follow us on this journey.


Be a part of the team.

The UnCanna Team

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